ALECS Club (Activity-based Language Evolution for Communication Skills Club) was launched on 17th October 2013 with an intention to develop communication skills of the students. Dr.S.Ramesh Babu, Secretary & Correspondent, Dr.M.Muralidhar Rao, Principal, and Smt. Kalavathi Tiwari, Convenor, had set up this club with a few objectives.


Objectives of the club 

  • To prepare the students communicative competent
  • To prepare the students to acquire public speaking skills.
  • To evoke, provoke and stimulate competitive spirit among the students
  • Above all to make the sessions Goal-oriented.
  • Naming Of The Branches
  • The students of all the Branches were allowed to participate in club activities.
  • Different branches were named after different birds.

Schedule & Plan For The Conduct Of Activities

  • On Fridays and Saturdays
  • Duration One and half hour – From 3.00 pm to 4.30pm.

Students are awarded for regularity , punctuality and active participation.Secretary

  • Activities Being Conducted In The Club
  • Jigsaw activities
  • Information gap activities
  • Reasoning gap activities
  • Listing
  • Ordering and sorting
  • Matching
  • Compeering
  • Problem solving
  • Sharing personal experiences
  • Projects and creative tasks
  • Picture story –interview technique
  • Role-play
  • Group discussions on current topics
  • Debate
  • Narration
  • Picture-sequence
  • Parallel telling
  • Production
  • Body language
  • Interview skills
  • Vocabulary Building Techniques