Student Clubs

The college has various platforms in the fields of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities including social service for the overall development of the students. Many clubs / forums are active on the SCET campus, initiated by enthusiastic students with a passion for the arts, culture or hobbies - and keep students occupied after academic hours.

Vivekananda study circle

Working with the objectives of universal brotherhood, selfless service to the society and inculcating noble values in youth. “Vivekananda Study Circle” a name well known for the service of mankind, moving ahead with the vision “BE GOOD, DO GOOD” from SCET, which is the driving force for the students to get themselves involved in the social service activities and to strive for International Brotherhood diligently.” The main motto of VSC is “Inculcating Values through Service Activities” 


The literary and cultural association provides a platform to the students to exhibit their talents in the fields of culture and literature. “Bhuvanavijayam” is named after Sri Krishna Devaraya’s renowned cultural and literary forum. The forum organizes programmes with a motto to develop student skills in different aspects. The main objectives of this forum are:

To tap the latent and innovative talents in cultural and literary activities.

  • Conducting various guest lectures by eminent personalities in literary field.
  • Creating awareness among students in various aspects related to cultural and tradition.
  • Conducting various talented oriented events related to vocal, instrumental, dance and elocution and so on.

Painting & Photography club

  • The club focuses on brushing the painting and photography skills among students, creating enthusiastic students ready to portray and pictures world in their own colours and frame.
  • To organize art and photography competitions
  • To create awareness about Camera operations
  • To create awareness on shooting methods


  • Basics about Cameras: Type, parts and accessories of the Cameras.
  • Setting/Exposure.
  • Auto: Day light, shade, cloudy, flash, white fluorescent – Manual: Aperture, shutter speed, ISO sensitivity, colour, file formats, histogram. 
  • Shooting method.
  • Photography and Videography – Viewing and exposing. 
  • Basics about using Photoshop and Printing.

Models & Prototype club

In order to exploit energetic students who continually explore and experiment with design pedagogies, values and innovative practices “ Models and prototype club “was started in college. As part of club activity events like quizzes, model making, poster presentation etc are organized. The club is driven by faculty coordinators & student coordinators who plan & conduct different types of intra-department & inter-department innovative events.”

Nature club

A group of dedicated volunteers from all the years, joined hands for our mission, ‘Nurture the Mother Earth and practice a greener life-style’. With the chain of like-minded volunteers increasing.  The club seeks to create awareness on environmental issues through its activities. Students are encouraged to study and admire the environment and there by understand the need to conserve the nature's bounty. Nature Club attempts to spread awareness about the environment and undertake activities to nurture and help the environment regenerate.