Research & Development Cell

  • R & D Cell, CSE department, Swarnandhra College of Engineering & Technology has done research on different areas like Data Mining, Mobile Computing, Geographic Information Systems(GIS),Cloud Computing.

Aim: To Promote Coordinate and Implement Research and Development Programs

Goals / Objectives of R & D Cell

rnd1. To Promote Research and Research Projects including Multidisciplinary

2. Research Papers Publication / Presentation in Referred Journals

3. Institute – R&D Organization- Industry Collaboration

4. Core Competence and Consultancy

5. Staff Development Program

6. Student Development Program

7. Patent Filing

8. Trade Mark Acquiring

R & D Activities

1. Developed projects in R & D cell of CSE department
        a. Developed projects in R & D cell of CSE department
        b. Voice Based Response App.

2. Trained200 studentsfrom the departments of IT,CSE and MCA on Android Apps

3. Dr M. N. Rao, Mr. D. Srinivasa Reddy and Ms P. Vedavathialong with team members have conducted workshop on"Android Apps Development"in "Swarnandhra Engineering College" on 22/12/12 and trained 50 students on Android Application Development

4. Team led by Dr M. N. Rao, Professor & Mr. D. Srinivasa Reddy have been invited toIBM office at Hyderabadto give demo on R & D Cell products

5. Developed"e-survey"Android App – Department of statistics for the purpose of surveys conducted by the government to benefit the people in society

6. A software project is developed to maintain information regarding"Leprosy Hospital", Narsapur

7. Mr. Rakesh Mohan Dasfrom IBM, Delhi conducted"Faculty Development program me"on SPSS – 'Statistical Package for Social Sciences' on 12th and 13th of December, 2012. 50 members were trained on IBM SPSS Modules like"SPSS Modeler professional 15.0" and "SPSS Statistics 21.0"

8. ConductedIn house trainingfor the students on "IBM SPSS Statistics" and "IBM SPSS Modeler" in the departments of MCA,CSE & IT

9. Developed"Selection Based – Telugu Soft Keyboard "based on Android operating system for multiple languages

10. Developed "Map server" on Linux based operating system for different languages like English, Telugu etc

11. Working on"AICTE – RPS(Research Proposal Scheme) Project"i.e. "Epidemic Identification System using Spatial Mining Technique", Rs 7.0 lakhs12. Patenthas been applied for "Speed retrieval of finger impression data"

13. Trade Markis achieved for bio-metric system calledFICS – 143