Feedback System

Feedback System is an essential element of the learning process In its many froms,feedback allows students to refelect on their learning,clarifies areas

where students can improve ; and provides students theopportunity to self-assess their skills and capabbilities

At Swarnandhra College o Engineering & Technology(Autonomous) feedback is continuously monitored Feedback is taken from different stake holders

of the instituteon various aspectsFeedback is obtained throuhg personal interactionwith students and parents besides course exit survey and program

exit survey

Principal and HODs mails are provided to the students and parents so that they can contact at any time. For personal interaction every student

is assigned with a counsellor(Department Faculty Member)

Online FFfeedback System is incorpporated on the institute website to collect the curriculum feedback from students,teachers, parents, alumni

and employers once in every academic year


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