T& P Cell- Functions

Our College has a separate Training and Placement Cell which is credited with providing successful engineers after completion of their degree. We organize number of training programs for all the students with the help of in-house experts and resource personnel drawn from professional agencies. These activities have proved exceptionally useful in shaping the careers of students.
1. Career and Placements: Campus placement drives are conducted to connect organizations with our talented students for the purpose of employment. At Swarnandhra, we have a dedicated team working closely with MNC's to deliver campus drives that create value for both students and companies. We work to optimize job opportunities for our students across our partner companies and at the same time, we work to minimize the efforts made by the partner companies in looking for the right candidate.
2.Connecting Institute with Industry:Industry Visiting can complement classroom learning by providing a real life component to educational learning. Industrial tours allow the groups of students to gain first hand insight into a company's day-to-day operations from employees and managers and learn about challenges faced by organizations and how they overcome them. At Swarnandhra, our students are able to connect with our network of various organizations, providing the added depth of learning.
3. Guest Lecturers by Eminent Industry Experts: Guest speakers can form a valuable real world adjunct to class room education. Guest speakers from industry have become an important part of education and supplement the pedagogical goals with exposure to the real world experience of successful practitioners. Inclusion of guest speakers as one of the educational tools of varied educational experience can enrich the overall experience of the students. The benefits of such guest speakers include enhanced student learning as well improved relation between academics and industry. Creating and improving this academia / industry through the use of guest speakers can lead to the networking opportunities for both professors and students alike, as well the opportunity for industry to potentially meet students that fulfill employment needs. At Swarnandhra, we always strive to rope in industry experts, fine academicians and entrepreneurs to deliver guest talks at the campus.
4. Soft Skills Training: A number of activities are devised aimed at developing students in the area of Soft Skills. As part of Soft Skills, We are conducting classes and providing training in the below mentioned areas:

• Vocabulary & Grammar: Training students in improving their verbal ability through explanations, activities and games. Grammar classes are being conducted to improve the students' proficiency and accuracy of the language.
• Pronunciation: Lab with multimedia facilities helps the students to overcome their language deficiencies and develop good pronunciation with standard accents.
• Communication Skills: Activities such as JAM, Group Discussion, Debate, Oral Presentation and Role Play/Situational Dialogue are conducted to develop Students' communication skills.
• Resume Writing: Students are trained to experiment and compile different Styles of Resume and providing students with suggestions and guidelines on how to write a resume by taking through the necessary steps of the cover letter and the resume.
• Interview Skills: Conducting Mock Interviews which will help to overlook their self-consciousness and give up their fear gradually and best prepared for Interviews

5. Reasoning & Aptitude Training: Reasoning and Aptitude Training is provided to the students.Objective of this training is to make budding engineers competent and skillful in these areas in order to be successful in their competitive exams and interviews.
6. Counselling & Personal Development: Counseling and Personal Development are provided to all required students. The service provides one-to-one counseling and specialist input on a wide range of personal and academic issues. The Counseling and Personal Development service is staffed by qualified and experienced personnel.