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Contact Us:- Dr. Bomma Rama Krishna: 7989662002, Dr. V. Swaminadham: 9346610099, Dr. A. Gopichand: 7989106066

Admissions Open

Contact Us:- Dr. Bomma Rama Krishna: 7989662002, Dr. V. Swaminadham: 9346610099, Dr. A. Gopichand: 7989106066

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About R&D Consultancy

Research and Development

Swarnandhra College of Engineering and Technology (SCET) encourage faculties and student for research and development activities. To sustain and smooth run of research environment in the campus, the R&D Cell was established.

In order to motivate and monitor the research activities in campus "Research Advisory Council" was formulated under with Dr. S. Ramesh Babu as Chairman, Dr. S. Suresh Kumar as Convener, Dr. R. S. Dubey as Co-convener along with the distinguished personalities from reputed Universities/R&D organizations as external member and HODs of the respective departments as members. This committee meets in every four months and guides faculties and students as well for the research activities in the emerging area of science and technology.

R&D & Consultancy Committee


Sr. No.




Dr. S. Ramesh Babu, Secretory & Correspondent



Dr. S. Suresh Kumar, Principal



Dr. R. S. Dubey, R&D Coordinator



Dr. B. S. Rao, Dept. of ECE



Dr. A. Gopichand, Dept. of MECH



Dr. P. Srinivasulu, Dept. of CSE



Dr. R.V.V.S.V Prasad, Dept. of IT



Mr. Sataynarayana Addala, Dept. of EEE



Dr. V. Swaminadham, Dept. of PHY



Dr. S. Dharajadevi, Dept. of MATHS



Mr. G.V.L.N. Murthy, Dept. of CE



Dr.T. Lokeswara Rao, Dept. of MBA



Mr. A. N. L. Kumar, Dept. of MCA




Term of Members

The tenure of the committee members is on rotation basis

Frequency of Meeting

The committee shall meet after every four months

Purpose of the Committee

  • to encourage for R&D and consultancy work
  • to encourage faculty members for applying extramural R&D projects
  • to collaborated with external academic institutions, industries and other sponsoring agencies for R&D and consultancy projects
  • to guide the faculty members in the making of R&D/Consultancy proposals
  • to involve and support UG/PG students on R&D projects
  • to interact with industry for consultancy and sponsored research projects
  • to prepare and maintain required R&D data and consultancy projects

The research and development cell ensures co-ordination of ongoing extramural research, collaborative and industrial consultancy projects. By this way, the R&D cell improving the R&D skills of the faculty and students and making them to participate in finding the solution of industry related problem.

Our institute has enthusiastic and competent team of academicians from various departments.

The institution has taken positive steps in building a successful and healthy atmosphere of research by organizing workshops, seminars, and motivational sessions by renowned speakers and industry partners.

The Institute is being dedicated to the highest levels of research in engineering and technology by the various faculties working on extramural R&D projects and research scholars. Also, by involving the UG/PG students, the institute mission is to provide basic and advanced training of doing research.

The institute has conducted several R&D projects sponsored by IACQER-New Delhi, UGC-New Delhi, UGC-DAE CSR-Indore, DRDO, New Delhi, UGC-Hyderabad, DST-New Delhi, AICTE-New Delhi etc. and from industries as well.

Each academic department has own R&D laboratory where several projects sponsored by external agencies and industries are ongoing.

By developing relationships with several different institutes of higher learning, we are able to enrich our research quality. The Institute ensures its importance in the world by connecting itself with the national anmd international academicians/scientists.


Antenna Design and Fabrication, Design and Development of Advanced Embedded Systems, Robotics and Automation, Solution of Numerical Problems using Matlab Tool, Design of Solar Cells, Optical Waveguides and LEDs, Data Mining, Carbon Nanomaterials, Fabrication of Dye-sensitized Solar Cells, Deverlopment of Sensor, VLSI Design, Optical Communication, Nanomaterials synthesis for Energy Applications, Design and Simulation of Optoelectronic and Photonic Devices, Water Treatment Using Nanomaterials, Design and Fabrication of Optical Passive Components, Optical Coatings, Thin Film Deposition and Nanofluids.  


Share scientific culture and perform interdisciplinary research on the cutting-edge technology to address social issues


  • to raise and enhance the research capabilities in interdisciplinary areas of science and technology
  • to promote collaboration with leading institutions, R&D labs and industries

Academic Research

SCET is a leading institution not only for its outstanding academic history, but also for its deep commitment toward R&D activities by dynamic academicians and young engineers.


Research Centers

SCET has long been an organization that focuses on science and creativity. This is due to the strong faith of SCET in innovative thought. Research centers are also used in the curriculum, which offers students the chance to take part in innovative research ventures. Each department has its own research center where dedicated faculties are involved in their research works on the various projects sponsored by external finding agencies and industries.