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Contact Us:- Dr. Bomma Rama Krishna: 7989662002, Dr. V. Swaminadham: 9346610099, Dr. A. Gopichand: 7989106066

Admissions Open

Contact Us:- Dr. Bomma Rama Krishna: 7989662002, Dr. V. Swaminadham: 9346610099, Dr. A. Gopichand: 7989106066

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Strategic Plan

Effective strategic planning requires identifying and implementing strategies that will move Swarnandhra College of Engineering and Technology to a better desired future as an educational institution on the West Godavari region in the state of Andhra Pradesh, nationally, and globally. Strategic planning is not a “once-and-done” event. It is a continuous process involving planning, implementing, assessing outcomes and using results and lessons learned for further planning, revising and modifying of the strategies. Measurement and assessment are key to strategic planning.

Therefore, identifying key indicators for sub-goals and identifying responsible divisions/units will ensure effective monitoring and evaluation of outcomes. The Institution should focus on a few but bold sub goals and strategies. Resources, including funds and time, are limited.

Therefore, prioritizing of strategies and focusing on those that have the potential of being game changers are critical. Since the execution of strategies is at the college or departmental level, the strategic planning process has to be participatory to ensure shared vision, as well as shared ownership and commitment to the plan by stakeholders throughout the Institution.

The Institute has created the Strategy document through a detailed consultation process with stakeholders during 2021-2026. The document was discussed in department faculty meetings and alumni inputs were taken.

The document was significantly modified to take into account the inputs received. The revised document was presented to the Board of Studies and their suggestions incorporated in the final document.


Strategic Plan 2021–2026 :
  • Obtaining NAAC Accreditation.

  • Obtaining NBA Accreditation for MECH, CSE, CIVIL, IT, EEE & ECE

  • Monitor Teaching Learning process and adapting innovative delivery methods.

  • Improving the security and discipline in the campus. Students must maintain strict discipline in classrooms, examinations, tests, quizzes, assignments, and all other segments of academic work. 

  • Conduct Faculty Development Programs on emerging technologies and increasing the number of journal and conference publications. Enhancing the student’s communication skills and planning to increase the number of participation in online certification courses.

  • Planning to introduce certificate courses, workshops, short term courses and internships. 

  • Organizing Campus Recruitment Training programs to students to enhance their employability skills to achieve 100% placement.

  • Strengthens alumni association by effective alumni outreach to communicate to alumni that their alma mater is invested in their success and offers professional and personal support. 

  • Encourage R&D and Consultancy, Establishing advanced / research labs / centers, setting up new experiments on latest technologies. 

  • Develop, strengthen, and implement academic programs that are responsive to the college mission and are systematically reviewed for quality, relevance, and excellence to meet the challenges of a highly competitive and global workforce. 

  • Enhance institute infrastructure to accommodate increase in intake, research, economic development, technology development and transfer. 

  • To contribute to an enhanced quality of life in the region; and facilitate sustainable domestic and international economic development and competitiveness.

  • Conducting extension activities by adopting one village per year.

  • Research center for all departments.

  • Organizing one national / international conference per year.

  • E-resource content development through media center for online classes.

  • Auditorium with the capacity of 2500 seats.

  • Laying concrete road in the campus with greenery.